Surrender Blackjack - Payout Rate, Guide and How to Win

Surrender Blackjack is a rare and rewarding variant of the standard Blackjack game. It allows players to surrender their hand for half of their original bet. So, gamblers can minimize their losses when they’re facing a bad hand. You can choose between early/ late surrender.
Because Surrender is not a typical Blackjack tactic and not many gamblers are aware of its benefits, we’ve put together a brief guide about it. We’ll cover the main features, the basic Surrender strategy, the different rules and details of how it differs from other Blackjack games. You’ll understand how the option can improve your chances for big wins.

Blackjack Main Characteristics

Main characteristics of Surrender Blackjack

Blackjack Surrender involves 6 decks of 52 cards and players can wager on 5 separate hands at the same time. The Surrender option allows you to give up half of your initial stake when you have a bad hand. And, you can split, take insurance or double. But you can’t resplit or hit on split Aces.
Also, on soft 17 the dealer won’t hit. But if he has a 10 / an Ace he can peek for Blackjack after offering insurance to the player. You can win ½ of your initial stake added to your total bet and if you hit Blackjack the payout is double.
Once the dealer has peeked for Blackjack you can choose to surrender and win back ½ of your bet. But players should make sure they have a bad hand. For example, on a weak hand comprising 15/ 16 and when the dealer’s hand includes a strong card such as an Ace, your best approach is to surrender. Or, you should surrender on hard 15 when the dealer’s hand includes a 10 and on hard 16 when the dealer is showing a 9.
The average RTP rate for the game stands at a high 99.65 but players can’t place side bets. The surrender option minimizes the house edge by around 0.07% up to 0.09%. Players can stabilize their winnings by reducing major fluctuations in their bankroll compared to other Blackjack variants which don’t include the option. And, gamblers can wager on Blackjack games including early/ late surrender options. However, the early surrender feature is more rewarding.

Basic strategy for Surrender Blackjack

Before you wager on a Surrender variant of Blackjack you should understand the basic strategy which applies. After checking your initial hand and the dealer’s card, if you have a weak hand you can give up ½ of your initial stake and fold. You should indicate your choice to the dealer who’ll remove ½ of your bet and take away your cards.
You’ll find 2 types of surrender options including early and late surrender.
Early surrender allows players to fold their hands and lose half their stake before the dealer checks his cards for Blackjack. But, with late surrender, you can only forfeit your hand after the dealer peeks for Blackjack and didn’t achieve it.

In early surrender games on soft 17, players should surrender:

  • When the dealer shows an Ace and you hold 3, 5-7 and 12-17;
  • When the dealer is holding a 10, and you hold 14-16, 7s & 8s;
  • When the dealer is holding 9, and you hold 10-6 & 9-7 (excluding 8s).
  • When playing late surrender strategy on Soft 17, gamblers should surrender:
  • If you hold a15 and the dealer holds 10;
  • If you hold a 16 and the dealer shows 9/ 10/ Ace.

But on Hard 17, surrender when:

  • You hold 15 and the dealer holds 10/ Ace;
  • You hold 16 and the dealer holds 9/ 10/ Ace;
  • You hold 8-8 and the dealer holds an Ace.

So, players should surrender a hand when the expected loss exceeds 50% and the chance of winning is lower than 1 out of 4 hands.

Blackjack Strategy Settings
Blackjack Rules Reading

Double Surrender Blackjack rules

The Surrender variant of Blackjack involves the classic rules of the game and additional moves. You can stand, hit, split or double and choose to take insurance if the dealer’s up-card is an Ace.
Dealers use 6 decks of 52 cards and you can select a Multi-hand game, so you can wager on 5 different hands at the same time.
The dealer never hits on soft 17 and players can use the Surrender feature. You can choose between Early/ Late Surrender depending on the rules set by the online casino. Surrender allows gamblers to reduce their losses by folding and giving up ½ of the initial bet.

Where to play Surrender Blackjack

What is the main difference of Surrender Blackjack in respect to other blackjack types?

The main difference of the Surrender version of Blackjack compared to other Blackjack variants consists of the Surrender feature. When players have low-value hands, they can fold and choose to Surrender.

This way, gamblers can save ½ of their initial stake and reduce bankroll losses. Depending on the rules determined by the online casino, you can play a game involving an Early/ Late Surrender feature. In early Surrender games, you can fold and save ½ of your bet before the dealer checks his cards for Blackjack. However, in Late Surrender games, you can only choose to surrender after the dealer peeks for Blackjack and doesn’t have it.

But, for a thrilling wagering experience, play a Multi-hand Surrender variant of Blackjack so you can place bets on 5 hands simultaneously.

Different Blackjack Types
Blackjack Questions Answered

Why should I play Surrender Blackjack?

You should play the Surrender variant of Blackjack to maintain a balanced bankroll and reduce your losses. By choosing to surrender on a bad hand you can give up half of your bet and decrease any real-money losses.

Also, the Multi-hand variant of Surrender Blackjack improves your chances to win big because you can play 5 independent Blackjack hands at the same time. But, for increased winnings, choose an Early Surrender version of Blackjack. You can surrender before the dealer checks for Blackjack. So, register for an online account with your favourite casino and wager on a Surrender version of Blackjack game.

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