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As a player in a blackjack game, you will always need to make quick and smart decisions with every hand. As these decisions will determine if you are a winner or a loser. But decisions don’t matter that much if you lack a solid blackjack strategy.

There are basic and more complex strategies but all are there to help reduce the house edge against you. Thereby, giving you a greater chance of winning your game of blackjack. Read on and learn the smart way to play!

how to win at blackjack

In gambling, only a few people are lucky enough to win. Blackjack, however, is an exception in that it does not depend on luck. It is a game based on strategy and probability. The best way to learn and master this game is by playing and in the process, you will learn the rules and the perfect blackjack strategy that is used.

You can either play the game online, use our free demo, or in a casino and with time your skills will keep getting better and the rules will be at your fingertips.

After learning the basic rules you need to optimize your winning chances. There are many theories and countless strategies available for a player to gain an edge over the house or the dealer. Thereby, to take out the dealer in the game you have to learn the basic strategy. And, master the card counting system later. Also, you will master using strategies. Such as the use of the blackjack cheat sheet which will also increase your chances of winning.

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Blackjack Charts

Blackjack Charts

In basic strategy, it is important that you learn the order of operations that are in use by players around you at the blackjack table. These operations are vital in the blackjack game because they will determine if you will land some big cash or not. The best way to know when to use these operations is by using a blackjack chart sheet.

There are times you may question whether you should surrender or whether splitting is a better option. Other times you will need to double. In some instances, you will question if you should take another card or not. basically to stand or not. In such an instance the use of the blackjack basic strategy chart is very vital.

Most experienced players have memorized this chart and don’t need to carry it to a casino. And so you should do the same, otherwise, it will be very difficult to beat them in any game. But don’t worry because we got your back, there are many ways that you can learn to do this.

training simulator

As a beginner, the best way to learn the game is by playing the blackjack. A free blackjack practise can be the best starting point as you will not have to lose any money. With repeated practise, you will be able to learn the rules and the basic strategy of the game as it is being played. As you continue using the blackjack simulator your skills will keep getting better and later you can advance to placing a small number of bets before moving to high stakes tables.

You can access the simulator either online or in the casino where you will have an experience as that of the real game played inland in a casino. In the game, you will note how the players’ surrender, double, stand or split and you can also exercise using these important blackjack basic strategy operators. Furthermore, you will get to know your weakness and errors in the game and rectify them before wagering real money. You can try out our blackjack training simulator by clicking our site where our trainer will guide you and warn you when you make errors.

Blackjack Simulator
Blackjack Card Counting

blackjack card Counting

Card counting is a blackjack betting strategy that helps you decide whether your next hand will give you an advantage over the house or the dealer. The main reason for card counting is to decrease the house edge. It involves keeping a tally of the cards that are considered high and low as you see them. This will help you avoid risks of losing a lot of money while you continue betting more. By checking the remaining card you will have a chance to change your decision in order to increase your chances of winning.

For people who have poor memorization technique, there is no reason to worry. In card reading, you only need to determine the ratio of the highs card to that of a low card. If you are wondering whether blackjack card counting will help you to win, the answer is yes. To understand how you can count cards and win in a casino you can click our site on card reading where you will learn more on this strategy that will definitely help you beat the other players on the table.


In any blackjack game, an error can be very costly. You are losing a lot of money with each blackjack mistake that you make. Most people make these mistake due to the lack of basic knowledge of the casino game. With a good strategy the house edge can lower to 0.5%, however, it can rise to about 10% if a player commits the common blackjack errors.

The common mistakes that you can make in a blackjack game are:

  • Taking insurance
  • Splitting the wrong cards
  • Standing when you are not supposed to such as when a dealer shows a 6
  • Hitting the wrong card such as when a dealer shows a 10
  • Doubling using the wrong card

It is essential that you avoid this common mistake as nobody would expect you to split a 10 when the dealer is showing you a 6. It will be very humiliating. To learn more about errors that you need to avoid click our site on blackjack errors.

Blackjack Advices and tips
Blackjack Systems

blackjack systems

Blackjack Systems can be broken down to two main types-the negative progressions and the positive progressions. The general theory around the positive theory is that you will raise your stakes after winning. This theory suggests that the money that you use to stake will be funded by the cash status and can be termed as conservative betting. You win in the short term and use the same money to bet and therefore the chances of having your bank account wiped out are much lower. However, your wins will be small.

A negative system theory suggests that you will have to raise your bets after a streak of losses. These can be dangerous as your money can be wiped out. In this system, you are betting big and losing big each time. But, if you can avoid losing all the money then you will have a bigger win which will not necessitate you to come back to the betting table. There are different systems, for instance, the Martingale system and the Fibonacci system. Click here to read more on the Blackjack Systems.

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