Double Exposure Blackjack - Complete Guide with Odds & Win Probability

Just like the name suggests, Double Exposure Blackjack is a traditional popular card game variant. The dealer’s first two cards get placed face up and they are exposed. This is an advantage of this game, especially to the player. Just like the other Blackjack games, this game has some rules that compensate for this advantage. The rules work by trying to return the house edge to the dealers. This casino game has first-class graphics and a very sharp playing experience. Double exposure can be played in most online casinos and the gaming experience will be just excellent. In this Double Exposure review, you will get introduced to the basic rules of this game, why you should play it and discover why it is so popular.

Blackjack Main Characteristics

Main characteristics of Double Exposure Blackjack

Double exposure is a wonderful Blackjack game to play especially if you are addicted to the normal Blackjack strategy. It is a perfect way to seek distraction. The game has been designed with the best game in play and the graphics are on point. Most of this game’s features are similar to the classic version of Blackjack but the only difference is that the dealer is given two cards face up when the game is beginning. Due to this fact, the payout for Double Exposure is a bit lower. In this Blackjack game the dealer’s cards are dealt with face up. This means that players have more information they can use to play with. However, Double Exposure is not a game suitable for beginners since it has more data to process. The basic rules of the game have to be changed drastically so that the house edge can be retained. One of the most obvious features about Double Exposure is the payout. Normally, Blackjack pays 1:1 but for this game the payout is 2:1. The dealer wins all hands tied apart from Blackjack which means that whenever a dealer gets a 20 on their first cards you have to hit and aim for the perfect hand. The game provides players with a nice change from the regular Blackjack variants and it is pretty exciting. Winning on this game might be a little bit harder but at least a player knows what they have to beat since they do not have to wonder what the dealer is hiding. This feature works by lowering the surprises a player gets during a game session which is a nice way of enjoying. The other Blackjack rules also apply for this variant and you have to be familiar with them if you want to play Double Exposure for real money. You have to understand that the game forces a player to hit high hard totals, and in turn they have to be prepared to bust a lot compared to regular Blackjack.

Basic Strategy for Double Exposure Blackjack

In Double Exposure which is also referred to as Face up 21, both the dealer’s initial cards are usually face up. This feature makes the game have a more complex strategy. In order to recover from this benefit, there are some rules of this game that favour the dealer. Blackjack pays 1:1, the dealer wins ties apart from a tied Blackjack which counts as a player’s win. The dealer hits soft 17, double on 9-11 and after split. Double Exposure is more vulnerable to all the advantage techniques that standard Blackjack can be beaten by. The strategies on how to gain an edge over this Blackjack game are not so common. However, there are various methods that can be used to legitimately gain an advantage as you play online Double Exposure games. These techniques involve the use of promotions, comp point systems and bonuses as the games by themselves. This can only work if the game is functioning correctly and there aren’t any errors in the paytable. You have to note that online advantage play isn’t so specific to Double Exposure games. In recent years, the wagering requirements for any table game have inflated and now Double Exposure has become an optimal choice for players. Double Exposure allows the casino to bring the advantage down to a minimum and players and the gambling house can now play on equal terms. So that is why you have to follow the optimal strategy that can be found online. As a player, you might tend to think that you will win every time you play Double Exposure since you can see the dealer holding the cards. But you have to use some strategies and skills for you to win this game. That is why this game should only be played by skilled players.

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Blackjack Rules Reading

Double Exposure Blackjack Rules

Double Exposure is a popular Blackjack game in most casinos. The name originates from the manner in which the dealer’s cards are dealt face up. The chip sizes in Double Exposure are 1, 5 and 10. A player just has to click the chip of their choice and then hit one, two or three of the table positions that are available for you to place your bet. To start the hand, you hit ‘deal’ and both you and the dealer receive two cards face up. You also have the option of choosing hit or stand just like in any other game. The rules of this game include:

  • The dealer has to draw to 16 and they stand on 17 or higher
  • All the ties apart from tied Blackjack are counted as the dealer’s win
  • A player can double down on hard totals of 9-11
  • Re-splitting split hands is not allowed
  • You can split all the pairs but if you split Aces, they only receive one more card each
  • Split hands of a ten, an Ace or a face card don’t count as Blackjack
  • With the right play, the house edge in Double Exposure is about 0.67%

Where to play Double Exposure Blackjack

What is the main difference of Double Exposure Blackjack in respect to other blackjack types?

Double Exposure is among the popular Blackjack variants. In case you are looking for a game that will offer you a variation on the regular Blackjack, then it is very possible that Double Exposure is the perfect choice for you. A high percentage of the features of this game are similar to those of Classic Blackjack. The main difference between this game and the other Blackjack variants is that the dealer is usually given two cards face up meaning a player sees what they are playing against from the start. However, the payout for this game has been reduced compared to the other Blackjack games because of this advantage.

Different Blackjack Types
Blackjack Questions Answered

Why should I play Double Exposure Blackjack?

Double Exposure doesn’t make it any easy for the players to choose whichever decision they want to make. So that you can beat this, you have to neutralise the house edge and earn real money on this game. To fully enjoy the benefits of playing Double Exposure you have to ensure your strategy is airtight. It is obvious that Double Exposure’s main advantage is that players have an idea about what they are really dealing with. On top of this, there are some other benefits like the dealer hitting or standing on a soft 17. Everything depends on the venue a player chooses to play at; in some casinos a tied Blackjack goes to the player while in other venues they are usually counted as a push. Therefore, it is important for you to understand the method the casino you choose to play at uses so that you make an informed choice. This helps you understand whether you are at an advantage by playing on that house. In general, Double Exposure has great graphics and it offers Blackjack fans a pretty good alternative to the normal Blackjack game. With a clear understanding of the rules of Double Exposure you can really have a great time on whichever online casino you play on.

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