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In gambling world winning big means playing big. One of the games that have people win big is the online High Roller Blackjack. In the game, the rules and hands are dealt the same way as you would do in regular standard blackjack. However, this happens at high table stakes.
In the game, you compete directly with the house, through the dealer. The outcome of the total cards and the hand cannot be affected in any way by the players around the table because all actions are against the dealer only. Try out the game online for free and get to see what it is all about. Here is everything you need to know about the high-roller blackjack and why you should play it.

Blackjack Main Characteristics

Main Characteristics of High Roller Blackjack

This is the only game in which you win big payouts. Despite this, the high-roller blackjack games tend to be more riveting than other blackjack games since you will have to stake more because the stake is higher per hand. You can choose to play an even higher roller Multi-hand blackjack by taking the options of 5 hands simultaneously where you will have more fun as it is proven to test your resolve than in any other blackjack game.

Many Blackjack players believe that playing this game is only for high rollers only and therefore choose to wager on middle and lower blackjack only due to the fact that they have a limited bankroll. The game availability PC, iPad, iPhone, tablets and Smartphones make it ideal for both the high rollers and casual players alike. The main difference between this game and other blackjacks or any other casino game is that the maximum wagers that you will have to place are very high. But, this should not be a problem as you will have the advantage of having a higher variation in the betting options. This simply indicates that you have a chance of winning big if you play smart.

The other main difference between the high-roller blackjacks is in the rules. The rules of this game are similar to that of standard blackjack. Also if you aren’t familiar with how bets are placed in the high-roller blackjack, then you can learn how they are placed in standard because they are very similar.
Playing this game will make you noticed by the casino and therefore it might as well be your ticket to VIP clubs among other many benefits associated with it.

Basic Strategy for High Roller Blackjack

To begin with, at the high stake tables of an online higher roller blackjack, all the players with the exception of the dealer are dealt two cards. These cards are given when they are face up. On the other hand, the dealer is dealt their cards with the first one being face up and the other face down.

The biggest step that you should take, and a quick one for that matter, is determining the strength of the card that was dealt with the dealer and at the same time evaluate that of theirs in an online blackjack such as this one. In this game, the dealer draws a soft and then later stands on 17. The insurance payment is the same as in other standard blackjack games that is 2 to 1.

In order to win you will have to have cards that will total up to 21 or very close to this number. You can continue drawing hands as long as the other players including you decide to ta add another card, buts or even decide to stay. When a player has a bust, it means that they have exceeded the 21 limits. This simply means that they hand is over and they have lost. This is regardless of the total number that the dealer has in hand.

If a player decides that they will stay during a hand, this means that they have decided to add no more cards. Then the dealer has to show up their 2 cards. They then add to their hand more cards if they see it necessary. The total number that the dealer must have is 17 and if not they can draw cards until they have attained this number.

Blackjack Strategy Settings
Blackjack Rules Reading

High Roller Blackjack rules

A shoe of six decks is used to deal cards to the players. Each of the total 6 decks contains a total of 52 cards whereby after each round in the high stake table the cards must be reshuffled.

There is a chip button on the screen that players press to place their bet that is the £1, £5, £25, and £100. You can select the total by pressing the buttons on the screen as per the amount of wager that you need to place. In order to start the hand, you have to place the bet by clicking on the table and then clicking ‘Deal’. You cannot change the bet amounts after having clicked on the deal button with the exception of extra wagers such as the insurance and the double down and for this, the buttons will appear on the screen when they are required to be applied.

In case a player hit a blackjack together with the dealer at the same time, this will be considered as a push. Also, only when all the players have drawn out their cards and either choose to stay or they have bust will the dealer reveal their cards.
If the dealer is still drawing their cards and exceeds the limit of 21, then all the active players become winners.

Where to play High Roller Blackjack

What is the main difference of High Roller Blackjack in respect to other blackjack types?

The High-Roller Blackjack is a game that you have to stake or wager high as compared to the standard and the lower blackjack games. By staking high you stand a chance of winning big cash. In addition, the game is only played in the high stake tables.

The game is only played with a dealer who is considered to represent the casino. On the other hand, other blackjack variant games are mostly played with other people and not the house. In this game, you can play entirely online at the comfort of your home and the rules that govern it are only similar to the standard blackjack. Furthermore, being a high roller means that the house must give you special treatment such as joining the VIP club.

Different Blackjack Types
Blackjack Questions Answered

Why should I play High Roller Blackjack?

There are many reasons why you should join the high rollers. The first reason is that you will win more money. For instance, if we do some math you will realize that placing a £2 bet will win you little, but now consider placing an amount such as £1200. With this amount, you are assured of a life-changing opportunity with the winnings. Also, remember the more the times you bet the better, as this will guarantee you have more chances of winning.

Second, if your dream is joining the high rollers and the VIP clubs that they always go to, then this is your chance. All high rollers are treated exclusively by the house as compared to other variants. Furthermore, you get the advantage of getting more comp points, faster cash outs and also faster deposits. You can also redeem this points to cash much faster than other people playing other variants. Other benefits include better promotional offers, gifts for your birthday, show tickets and many other exclusive advantages.

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