Multihand Blackjack - Rules, Payouts and How to Win

The Multihand Blackjack game provides players with the opportunity to play five hands simultaneously. All the five hands are distinct, require different approaches, and can have different outcomes. For example, if a player decides to play with four hands, three of them can win while the fourth one lose. A player’s hand goes bust when it goes over 21 and as a result, becomes excluded from play. The player will then continue playing using the other three hands as they strive towards a streak of wins and recoup their bet investment. Below, we look at the characteristics, basic strategy, rules, why you should play, and the differences between Multi-hand and other blackjack types.

Blackjack Main Characteristics

Main characteristics of Multihand Blackjack

Multihand blackjack’s basic rules are similar to the original blackjack game.
Multihand blackjack has a perfect payout strategy: A standard winning hand, a regular blackjack, and insurance payments. Additionally, players can take advantage of the game’s additional side bets which usually have a higher payout. Online multihand blackjack play experience can be enhanced by the use of options contained in the Options menu to suit a player’s specific needs and preferences. For instance, a player can select a specific sound for basic and advanced games, backgrounds, automatic re-bets, or choose to have the losing hands remain on the table until a round comes to an end. Further, there are no bonus rounds in multihand blackjack like is the case in other blackjack games. multihand blackjack also lacks a progressive jackpot.
The main difference between multihand and other variants of blackjack is that a player can be able to make various moves and place some bets through play by some hands. A player can play with a minimum of five hands, which is decided at the beginning of a game. All the hands are individually placed during play, and there is no requirement for a player’s wagers on hands to be equal. Each hand is regarded to be separate from all the others.
Different casinos have additions to this rule, which intends to take away a player’s option to surrender. It is essential for a player to make up their mind about the number of blackjacks they want before starting to play both online and offline. The However, players are allowed to ensure their bets against the dealer’s ace. Typically, the game involves two decks, and the blackjack payout is the standard 3/2. Since this game involves a hole card, the dealer is required to hit on soft 17 and also peek for the blackjack. A player is allowed to doubling down using any hand and can split for a maximum of three times in a game.

Basic strategy for Multihand Blackjack

A player competes against the dealer with the ultimate goal of obtaining a hand worth more than the dealer’s, while at the same time avoiding to go past 21. All the cards in the game are equal to their numeric value, save for the Kings, Queens, and Jacks, which have ten points. The Ace also has a different counting since it can either be worth 1 or 11 points. It is entirely up to a player to determine how they want to count the Ace and there is no limit on the number of times it can be changed. When playing online multihand blackjack, the shuffling of the two packs of cards is done prior to the beginning of a game. multihand blackjack game uses 2 card decks, which are shuffled before the start of each betting round. A player’s goal is to land their hand on the value of 21 without exceeding that value, also known beating the dealer’s hand. A player is only allowed to double down their bet on hard 9,10, or 11 before a split or insure themselves if a dealer has a blackjack. multihand blackjack has no surrender option for a player and a split ace combined with a 10 count results in a value of 21.
If a player decides to play blackjack using this strategy, they should ensure to stick to their initial strategy. Failure to have a plan, one can lose as much as four to five bets simultaneously. This is because the game is fairly fast-paced, making impulsive decisions to have dire consequences on a player’s bankroll. It is possible for a player to implement different strategies on each hand, making it possible to draw useful conclusions and establish the best performing strategies.

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Multihand Blackjack rules

When a player has a pair, they must choose if they will stand, hit, split, double down, or take insurance. A player’s choice on the above is usually informed by their first two cards, and also the dealer’s up card. A player can split or re-split up to a maximum of three times except when they have a pair of Aces. An Ace can only be split once.
A player has an opportunity to double down any of their initial two cards, except for an Ace and any other blackjack card which has a value of 10, the highest possible winning combination. multihand blackjack’s house edge is approximately 0.39%.
Whenever the number of points by a dealer reaches 17 or more, they are required to stand, regardless of whether their combination is hard or soft. When a dealer has 16 or fewer points, they are obliged by the rules of the game to hit. A dealer is obligated to draw cards until they reach a sum, not below seventeen. If a dealer does not go bust, their hand and that of a player should be compared. If a player is in possession of a blackjack hand or their insurance bets secure a win, they are paid 3/2.

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What is the main difference of Multihand Blackjack in respect to other blackjack types?

Unlike other types of blackjack, in multihand blackjack, players can play more than one hand at a go. Players have the option to play up to five hands simultaneously. Additionally, the game has laid back rules which make new players enjoy taking part. For instance, there is no requirement for a dealer to check for blackjack, a player can only split once, and can only double their bets in sums of 9,10, or 11. New players stand a chance to win in the game compared to its other variants.

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Why should I play Multihand Blackjack?

Multihand blackjack gives players a room to increase their profits from bets since they can place more bets using each hand. Further, the game also permits doubling down, which significantly ups a player’s probability of obtaining their desired results. However, this is dependent on a player making a move at the right time. Players are afforded some moves to choose from, making the game to be enjoyable, which explains the reason behind the rising popularity of the game in the recent past. Additionally, when playing online, players have a longer time to make sound decisions concerning their moves without being under pressure from the dealer or other players taking part in a game.
Online play enables players to enjoy the game at any time, which is a beautiful thing for players who are desirous of perfecting their game. The use of multiple hands in the game helps reduce a player’s chances of losing their bankroll. For instance, a player who is using four hands has a chance to make up for their loss should their two hands lose.

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