Labouchere System for Blackjack - Winning Odds Probability Analysed

The Labouchere System is efficient in Blackjack as it offers a lot of freedom to the player in terms of choosing any sequence to play. In comparison to other blackjack betting systems, it may be a bit complicated, but the basic betting points remain similar to negative progression systems. It increases the bets when a player is losing and decreases them when one is winning. The system requires players to generate large winnings that are sufficient to cover for the losses, even if they come following each other.

How does the Labouchere System work?

First, players who have settled their mind on this betting system need to write down the sequence of numbers that they prefer. This can be any sequence based on the pockets of the player and is very important because the profit is calculated from the total value of numbers in the chain. The main principle used to calculate the bets is quite simple, but one must be keen to master it. Before placing bets, players should ensure that the stake is equal to the sum of the last and first number in the sequence. For example, the first bet placed by a player whose sequence is 1-2-3 is £4.

Then, the player will remove the first and the last number from the sequence if they manage a win while the next bet will be equal to the number left on the line. If the players win again, their sequence is exhausted, and they have to start afresh. A loss implies that the lost bet is added to the end of the sequence. For instance, the player with a 1-2-3 sequence would end up with a new sequence of 1-2-3-4. This strategy is among the most preferred because the stakes are not boosted rapidly, but it is the sequence that is followed.

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    Examples of how to use the Labouchere System

    If you still do not understand this system, specific examples can help you understand the concept better. Let’s say that you have an original sequence of 1-2-3-4-5-6 and decide to do the first round with a bet size of £70. In case the bet wins, the net win is £70, and the new line will be 2-3-4-5. Supposedly the same stake is placed in the second round and if the player losses, the new line would be 2-3-4-5-7 while the net loss is £0. In the third round, if the player places £90 and losses, the new line would be 2-3-4-5-7-9 while the net loss is -£90. In the fourth round, if the player places £110 and they win, the net win would be £20. As you can see in the four rounds, the net winnings for this player are £20 and sometimes it is possible to go for long streak without any single win. The secret to this strategy is patience and understanding how to play the game.

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    Advantages and Disadvantages of the Labouchere System

    Using the Labouchere System has many advantages. This is an organised system with specific instructions that if followed keenly, can give the user good returns. It all depends on how keen someone is with the system and the ability to be patient with it. Every time you win, you decrease the sequence by two and increase the sequence by one if you lose. With this, meeting the target should be achievable because the focus is on even money bets which implies that you lose or win frequently. Also, the system is flexible enabling you to choose how to organise the sequence and even decide the risk you want to take.

    However, this system is not secure, and its users must take necessary precautions. The fact of the matter is that you may win, but once the losses start to come, they can become too big to handle. Unless you properly hit a winning streak, the chances are that you may not compensate for the losses. Those with a small bankroll may give up on a proper losing streak. The system is quite intelligent, but it can never give users a complete advantage over the house.

Labouchere System FAQs

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    Is it legal to use the Labouchere System whilst playing blackjack?

    Of course, the system is legal and does not violate any terms and conditions. The reason is that the players who use this technique follow a sequence that guides the bets they place in the blackjack games. This system is applicable in top casinos offering blackjack and can only be illegal in countries where betting is prohibited. It is a simple system based on luck and does not help players to cheat in any way. Players have to risk money-it is only that the system tries to minimise the risks that would occur in the worst case.

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    Who invented the Labouchere System?

    Henry Labouchere is credited with the invention of the system. He was a wealthy British aristocrat who lived in the 19th century and was passionate about the roulette games. His passion for the game led him to invent an interesting betting strategy that has served many people across the globe. The betting system was named after him, and at the moment, its use is not limited to the roulette games as even blackjack players can apply it.

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    Is the Labouchere System for beginners or professionals?

    Both the beginners or professional players can utilize the system as long as they know how to use it. So, whether players are experienced or not, all they have to do is take time and master how to use it. The experienced players can come up with any sequence that works well for them and experts’ advice that the beginners should be careful about the sequence that is chosen. The best sequence for not very experienced players is the simpler sequences.

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    In which online casino can I play blackjack using the Labouchere System?

    Those interested to use this technique should know that it can be applied to play blackjack in most of the online casinos. The reason this system is applicable in many casinos is that players follow the sequence which minimises losses by capitalising on the profits. As a result, the system has been hailed by many players around the globe as a better strategy to help win.

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