Paroli System for Blackjack - Winning Odds Probability Analysed

The Paroli System is one of the simplest betting systems when playing the blackjack. Even though the system is not very famous among blackjack players, the few who employ its use argue that it has a vast potential to make one earn considerable profits. The system is ideal for players who are looking for a safe betting system or have little amounts for placing bets. It works more like a ladder, where a player’s money is doubled with each high rung. A player has to establish which rung is at the top and work their way up from the bottom.

How does the Paroli System work?

The Paroli strategy features in the online blackjack casino list owing to the simplicity of learning how to play the game using the system. The Paroli betting strategy is founded on the fact that both wins and losses happen in pairs. Players can thus, increase their profits by placing high bets when they are on a winning streak and minimise losses by lowering their bet amounts when on a losing spree. With the system, a player is guaranteed against losing more than one bet, which makes the strategy a favourite among risk-averse players. The underlying reason behind this is that players wager on larger bets from their win. Principally, every time a player has three consecutive wins, the profit soars to seven units, which goes into covering any losses a player might have incurred. After a player has encountered a loss when playing blackjack, they should reduce their bet amounts to the base level they had set when starting to play the game.

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    Examples of how to use the Paroli System

    Players can easily master the strategy by: Deciding on the base stake. For a player to effectively use this strategy, they must be in possession of a fixed base stake, also known as 1 unit. A player’s bankroll is used to inform the decision on a player’s next base stake. For instance, if a player has a bankroll of £ 500, choosing a base stake of £ 50 would not make sense. Instead, they should set a base stake of £ 1 or £5 subject to their game’s minimum betting amount. Similarly, a player with a high bankroll, let’s say, £ 10, 000 can set a considerably high base stake of £ 50 or £100.
    Double up Your stake after a Win. After a player has secured a win, they should double up their stake. For instance, if one was working with a base stake worth £ 10, their next bet amount should be £ 20. Further, if they manage to secure another win, they should double their stake once more.
    Cease from increasing your bets after 3 back-to-back wins. Under the Paroli strategy, a player should stop doubling their bets after 3 consecutive wins. One should revert to the betting amount meant for use as the base stake.

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    Advantages and Disadvantages of the Paroli System

    The strategy capitalises on hot streaks. There exists no relationship between two events in a blackjack game when using the Paroli strategy. It is vital for players to understand that each round played is an independent event besides the fact that the system takes advantage of hot streaks.
    The system guarantees players a win without increasing their losses. The Paroli strategy does not increase a player’s losing streak since one is not required to double their bets when they lose a game. Additionally, the risk of a player depleting their fundamental stake is minimised since a player combines the money won with it when playing.
    Besides the above-said advantages of the Paroli strategy, it has the following notable disadvantages:
    The system can only generate short-term profit. It is difficult for a player to have three consecutive wins when playing blackjack using the system. One can only generate short-term profits through one or double wins.
    The system does not always guarantee to help players win. It is essential for a player to know that using the Paroli strategy does not always guarantee a win when playing blackjack. The system is only useful in helping players have a structured method of managing their bet money.
    The system can lead to fast depletion of a player’s bankroll. If a player wins, loses, and then wins a blackjack game using the Paroli strategy.

Paroli System FAQs

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    Is it legal to use the Paroli System whilst playing blackjack?

    It is not illegal for a player to use the Paroli strategy when playing blackjack so long as they do not read the sequence from any written material. The system is ideal for players who are looking for a safe betting system or have little amounts for placing bets. Casinos can do little to prevent players from memorising the sequence when playing.

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    Who invented the Paroli System?

    The origin of the Paroli strategy is shrouded in a lot of controversies. However, the popular belief is that Blaise Pascal, a French who invented the roulette is the brainchild behind the system.

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    Is the Paroli System for beginners or professionals?

    The Paroli strategy is generally perceived as less risky for use by inexperienced blackjack players. The Paroli strategy is easy to learn for beginners since all that a player requires is to understand the right time to double their stake and when to make use of the basic stroke. Beginner players can play using low bankrolls. Players do not require to have huge bankrolls to play blackjack using the Paroli strategy. One can start with a modest amount and gradually increase their bankroll from their wins.

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    In which online casino can I play blackjack using the Paroli System?

    There are no recommended blackjack casinos where players can use the Paroli strategy. The most important to players is that the strategy can help them grasp the basic concept and probably win in a game. Players should try to memorise the strategy to avoid being suspected of card counting, which can result in being ejected from a casino.

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