Fibonacci System for Blackjack - Winning Odds Probability Analysed

The Fibonacci system is used in casinos by players when placing an even number of bets. The sequence is preceded by a zero, followed by a one and then each succeeding number equals the sum of the two previous numbers. The sequence is infinite. The system can be used by a player in blackjack and other casino games. In blackjack, the system ignores zero during the start of a game, and it is upon players to write down the sequence somewhere or have it memorised. Below, we look at how the system works, its advantages and disadvantages, history, and online blackjack casinos that where it is allowed.

How does the Fibonacci System work?

When playing using the Fibonacci sequence, it is always advisable for a player’s initial wager in every cycle to be one betting unit. The reason behind this is because when 0 is ignored in the sequence, 1 becomes the first number. If for instance, a player decides to bet using £5 per unit, their initial bet amount would be £5.
A player will then use the results obtained from the first bet to know how many units they require to place the second bet, and the process is repeated for all the succeeding bets. Whenever a player wins a bet, they should retract two numbers in the Fibonacci sequence. There are two exceptions to this rule. Firstly, if a player had not moved up the sequence for at least two numbers before a win, they will have to start the sequence again. Secondly, every time a player is on a winning cycle, they have to start the sequence again.

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    Examples of how to use the Fibonacci System

    Each number in the Fibonacci sequence equals the value of its two predecessors. As such, the system can be said to work in a cumulative design. Every number in the sequence is representative of a betting unit although this changes based on a player’s single bet and their odds. It is vital for a player to write down their chosen betting unit and its accompanying sequence for all the amount of money they are willing to place on bets. This helps one play without getting lost. Most online players are risk averse and prefer to risk minimal amounts with risky betting systems such as Fibonacci. A player who uses a single betting unit worth £5 for a start can progress through the system as shown. Assuming the player successively loses all their bets up to the time, they place a bet worth £170 (34 units, they will have to retract back two steps, and their next bet will be worth 13 units (£65) since they won the previous bet. If they win again, they will then go back two steps, and their next bet would be worth £40 or 8 units. Should they lose, their successive bet will be worth £65 or 13 units. If the player gets on a winning streak, their next bet will be 8 units worth £40. If the player wins again, their next bet will be worth £25 or 5 units since the player went back two steps.

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    Advantages and Disadvantages of the Fibonacci System

    The system presents players with some advantages. Firstly, when properly used, the system can work to the advantage of a player unless they run into unusually long losing streaks. Secondly, the sequence is easy to follow, and players do not have to take notes and make complicated mathematical equations. Players can first write down the sequence before starting to play and follow it to secure a win. Thirdly, players who are not on an extended losing streak frequently get small winnings which are sufficient to keep them playing throughout the night.
    Besides the above advantages, the system has some notable disadvantages. For starters, for the system to function perfectly, a player would be required to be in possession of an unlimited amount of money and make an abnormally high amount of deposit. Secondly, because the system can function at any time, a player’s best odds can come so late after they have made huge losses. A player has to increase their stake every time they encounter a loss significantly. Thirdly, players can only experience good results in the system for a limited period. The system does not offer a player much help in recouping all their losses like is the case with other systems.

Fibonacci System FAQs

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    Is it legal to use the Fibonacci System whilst playing blackjack?

    So long as a player is using their intellect to count cards using the Fibonacci sequence, the activity cannot be construed as illegal. It is the mechanical counting of cards that is outlawed in casinos. Casinos cannot hold a player in the back room for questioning just because one has been suspected of using the Fibonacci System to count cards since the detention of an uncharged person is illegal. The best way to avoid raising suspicion of card counting is by maintaining short play sessions and bet in some casinos.

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    Who invented the Fibonacci System?

    The Fibonacci sequence is named after Leonardo Pisano, who was an Italian mathematician. It was first published in Pisano’s book, Liber Abaci (Italian) or The Book of Calculations in English in 1202. However, there are claims that the sequence might have featured in Sanskrit and Indian mathematics operations around 200 BC.

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    Is the Fibonacci System for beginners or professionals?

    The system works well for professionals compared to beginners. It takes time before one can master the sequence and be able to memorise them without having to refer to written sources.

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    In which online casino can I play blackjack using the Fibonacci System?

    There are no recommended blackjack casinos where players can use the Fibonacci System. Most casinos outrightly prohibit players from using any unnatural means that can defeat their betting systems. The most important thing is for players to keep their play sessions short to avoid raising suspicion of counting cards, even if they have memorised the numbers.

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