Martingale System for Blackjack - Winning Odds Probability Analysed

The Martingale System for blackjack is premised on a player starting with a low entry bet which is then doubled every time a player encounters a loss. Arguably, a player can recoup all their losses by placing large bets should luck turn to their side. The strategy works best when playing blackjack on quick bets and sessions before a player walks out while they are on the lead in the game. If a player tries to get big wins by extending the play, the strategy fails to work and one can exhaust their bankroll. Let us have a look at the operation, merits and demerits, history, legality in play, and online casinos that allow the use of the Martingale betting strategy.

How does the Martingale System work?

In the Martingale strategy, a player is first required to set their bankroll amount before the start of a game. A player then sets their betting unit. A player is at liberty to set their base stake at any size depending on the amount in their bankroll. It is a general rule for players to set their base stakes at 5% of their bankroll to minimise their chances of running against the table limit.

Every time a player wins, they are supposed to place the same bet in the succeeding hand. However, upon losing, a player should double their bet for the next game. A player’s net win after a series of losses will be £ 5 regardless of the number of games lost. The longer a player stays in the game, the longer their chances of running against the table limit. The strategy can help a player come out ahead of the game through a single win even after they have had several busts in their blackjack bets. It is crucial for a player to be disciplined to enable them to leave the table after hitting the set limit on losses.

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    Examples of how to use the Martingale System

    The Martingale sequence requires that a player doubles their stake every time they lose a game. For instance, if a player sets their first stake at £ 5 and loses in the first game, their next bet will be £ 10. The sequence progresses until they win a hand. Further, is they lose on their second hand, they will have to increase their bet to £30 on the third hand. Upon winning a hand, a player will enjoy a profit of one unit. It is important to clarify that a single unit means the size of a player’s starting stake. As such, in our example, after the player lost three hands, they would require to place a bet worth £40 on their fourth game, which would essentially increase their total exposure to £75. After the player wins the fourth hand, they would receive £80, leaving them with a £5 profit.

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    Advantages and Disadvantages of the Martingale System

    The system is pretty easy to use. One is only expected to double their bet amounts when they lose and maintain their base stake upon winning. Secondly, a player can use the strategy to increase their bankroll in the short run. The strategy also makes the game more interesting to the players even though the casinos’ edge over players remains unchanged. Most importantly, the strategy lets a player know the time to walk out of the casino. Wager limits are set before the game and cashing in when the limit has been reached can save one from depleting their money.

    However, the use of the tactic can have some disadvantages. Firstly, the strategy has no impact on a game’s odds similar to all other betting systems. Secondly, the size of a player’s bets increases exponentially when a player is on a losing streak. A player should first set their betting limits before starting a game and exercise discipline to avoid losing all their bet amount. The Martingale strategy involves taking significant risks in exchange for a small reward. Total reliance on the system, in the long run, can put a player in a situation where the rewards are significantly lower compared to their bet amounts due to doubling after a loss.

Martingale System FAQs

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    Is it legal to use the Martingale System whilst playing blackjack?

    Yes, it is legal to use the Martingale System when playing blackjack. Most casinos do not bother about the strategy being used by players. However, most will scrutinise a player who increases their bet amount exponentially when the odds are in their favour. With the Martingale strategy, the rules on the amount of the bet to be placed are clear, thus, a player cannot arbitrarily increase their base stake.

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    Who invented the Martingale System?

    The Martingale strategy was first used at the beginning of the 18th century. The strategy is said to have been introduced by a casino owner who had a reputation for the love of money, John Martindale. The name Martingale is derived from Mr Martindale’s surname. It is worthwhile to note that Martindale never used the system but strongly recommended it to his casino’s patrons. Occasionally, he would encourage them to use it arguing that it helped those who use it to win large amounts of money. Most players believed him and tried the betting method which similarly to others defied fundamental reason.

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    Is the Martingale System for beginners or professionals?

    The Martingale system should never be used for attempting to secure long-term profit. The system is easy for beginners to use since there are no complex equations to be memorised or bet amounts that require quick mental calculations. This makes the system compatible for use in online casinos and brick and mortar establishments.

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    In which online casino can I play blackjack using the Martingale System?

    The use of the Martingale strategy in the best blackjack casinos does not guarantee that a player will win a game. However, the approach is vital in enabling a player to become organised to avoid losing all their wager in a casino. The sequence is useful in winning bets in the short run with the possibility of a player recouping all their losses within a fairly quite short time compared to other strategies.

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