Blackjack vs. Slots - What's best and Which Brings the Highest Profits?

Blackjack and Slots are widely available throughout casinos in the UK, and online casinos are no exception. While Blackjack remains fundamentally the same game, Slots and Slot machines have come a long way in terms of the software designs for them. As such, there are many more variants of slot machines meaning there is always something new to try. In this article, Blackjack vs Slots, I discuss the pros and cons associated with both games.

Blackjack Vs Slots Comparison

Main differences between Blackjack and Slots

In Blackjack, the aim is to acquire a score of “21” or as close to it as possible. Anything over 21, however, will result in a “Bust” meaning the dealer wins should your cards exceed the value of 21. There are, however, several rules which you should be aware of, such as how “Ace” cards are treated. Ace cards can either take on values of “1” or “11” depending on the value of the cards in your hand. In the case that you have an Ace card and a “9” card, the Ace will take on a value of 11, and your hand will have a value of “20”. However, should you decide to draw another card, let’s say you draw a “5”, your Ace will be treated as if it had a value of “1”, and your hand will have a value of 15.

For Slots, you can choose between some of the more classic versions, that have 1-5 lines, or more fancy slots with 25 lines, meaning that you have more chances to win. A lot of the online slot games are visually appealing, with Bonus Rounds in place that allow you an opportunity to win generous payouts.

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Do you have more chances to win Blackjack or Slots?

For slot machines, you have the opportunity to adjust the number of “lines” that are available. This means that the machine will search for more combinations of symbols that are available, which drastically increases your chance of winning. As previously mentioned, for Slots, there are also Bonus rounds that can show up should you land on the right combinations of symbols, and these can have very high payout values.

In the case of Blackjack, you can get quite close to a 49% chance of winning should you follow the established strategies that have been tried and tested. With Blackjack, you can expect to win and lose in roughly equal proportions, so it is a more stable game in general compared to slots. However, with slots, one can experience the thrill of winning larger payouts.

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Blackjack vs Slots - Which has the most betting options?

For Blackjack, generally, there is a fair amount of customisation on how much you want to bet – you can choose to bet from as low as £0.50 to £200. There are also live or software versions of Blackjack you can choose from if you are playing from one of the many online sites that offer Blackjack.

For slots, generally, the price of a spin will depend on both the number of “lines” you want and how much you are betting per line. Therefore, the number of lines will have a multiplicative relationship with how much you are putting into the slot.

Easiest game to learn

For the most part, slots do not really have strategies that can alter the outcome, so it is a case of finding out which slots appeal to you the most – whether you are after larger bonuses or higher returns to player ratios. Slot machines are also quite entertaining in terms of the visual effects that are associated with winning big payouts, so perhaps players enjoy the fun and relaxing aspect of winning big when playing slots.

However, for Blackjack, there are several strategies that you can follow, so there is a slightly higher learning curve associated with it. These strategies, however, can maximise your return to player value, so it is definitely worth looking up and learning some of the most common approaches to 6-deck or 8-deck Blackjack setups.

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Blackjack or Slots - Which one to choose?

In terms of Return to Player ratios, Blackjack generally has a higher RTP value compared to Slot machines. Slot machines will wildly differ even amongst themselves so it is worthwhile searching for the right balance of RTP to high payouts.

There is a higher risk associated with Slot machines, but there is also the chance of winning large payouts. On the other hand, Blackjack games will be fairly consistent and yield the lower variance over extended periods of time.

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