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Live Dealers & More Reviewed July 2024

Casino Cruise Live Casino is extremely enticing, the environment that is created is exciting and really draws the player in. The casino experience is brought to you directly from Evolution Gaming, they are a leader in the field, which means you are guaranteed a good time. Expect dealers that are professional and friendly, a high-quality feed and a well-designed user-interface. When it comes to the dealers, you can expect them to be fully knowledgeable about the game, they really do know their stuff. They also know how to keep the conversation flowing and will help make your experience fun. A good dealer can really make your gaming experience and you are guaranteed a great time with Casino Cruise.

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Casino Cruise Blackjack Bonus

100% up to €200 after the first deposit

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Casino Cruise live casino Information

  • Vegas Downtown Blackjack
    Finding the best table

    There are plenty of great Blackjack tables that you can try out at Casino Cruise. There are tables designed for those looking for a bit of fun, where the minimum bets might be lower and there might be more of a jovial, party environment. There are also tables designed for high-rollers which might have more of an exclusive feel as well as higher minimum bets. There is also a variety of games that you can try, some feature side-bets that you might enjoy as well as plenty of ways to bet.

  • Are Blackjack Casinos Fair
    Minimum and maximum bets

    There are a variety of tables on offer at Casino Cruise, all of which will have different minimum and maximum bets. As a rule of thumb, the minimum Blackjack bet that you will find at this casino is €10 whilst the maximum can reach as high as €50,000. Whether you are a minimum amount better or a high-roller, you can guarantee that you will be welcomed by the dealer regardless and that you will experience the same level of service.

  • Live Dealer Blackjack
    VIPs and live online games

    There are plenty of VIP games on offer at Casino Cruise. VIP tables often mean that you will be playing alongside a select few other players, ensuring that they can keep pace with your bankroll. You can expect reduced waiting times to get access to a table as well as more privacy should you wish to make larger bets. The gameplay tends to be more serious and focussed on the game in hand and as a result the gameplay is more streamlined, making for a quicker game.

  • Blackjack Casinos Safety
    Safety and security

    Safety and security are extremely important when it comes to an online casino, never more so when it comes to live casino. You can expect that Casino Cruise will work hard to keep your information safe and that they will ensure that you are secure whenever you are using their services. Remember, casinos need to be licenced and this involves ensuring that customer information is secure. Casino Cruise is licenced by both the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. They really would not do anything to risk losing these licences.

  • Best Blackjack Bonuses
    Live blackjack tournaments

    Many live casinos offer tournaments where you can play against other players for the chance to win big prizes. There aren’t any current tournaments running at Casino Cruise but if you keep an eye out on their website, you never know when one might appear. Tournaments really do give you the chance to show off your skills but while you are waiting for one you can practice at all the tables on offer.

Casino Cruise live casino FAQs

  • Blackjack Charts And Tables
    How is the live casino experience at Casino Cruise?

    The live casino experience at Casino Cruise is amazing. There are knowledgeable dealers who create a really great environment for you to enjoy your gameplay. The quality of the feed is incredible, offering you high-definition viewing with seamless transitions between tables. The user interface is also extremely easy to navigate and use. The graphics are really good and show you the exact statistics that you need to know while playing. You can even save your favourite bets to make gameplay even easier. Tables are available 247, although some might only operate during busy periods.

  • Blackjack Variants
    Which games may I play live?

    There are lots of different Blackjack games available for you to play live. There are plenty of variations of the game that you can play, including Spanish 21. There are also plenty of side bets that can be wagered to increase enjoyment levels. You can, for instance, bet on the first two cards drawn being pairs or you could play a 21+3 side bet where you can bet on specific combinations being made with your two initial cards and a card from the dealer’s hand.

  • Blackjack Bonus Present
    Are there any live games which may be played for free?

    Generally, live casino cannot be played for free. Players usually need to make a deposit before they can enter the live casino environment. There is, however, a welcome bonus that entitles you to increase the amount that you can play with. You can, for instance, double up the amount that you initially deposit, so long as you enter the right Casino Cruise bonus code at the time of making that deposit. You can also receive a deposit match on your second, third and fourth deposit. Your second will be matched by 50% while third and fourth deposits are matched by 25%.

  • Blackjack Rules
    Can the casino cheat during live play?

    All casinos need to be licenced, to lose that licence would just be suicide for them as a business. For this reason, you can pretty much guarantee that a casino will not cheat at any time during live play. If they were caught doing so they would be stripped of their license and that would just be the end for them. Plus, the casino does always have an advantage. Although they might make big payouts, their profits very rarely dip. It just would not be in their interests to cheat.

  • Blackjack Without Registering
    How do I play a live game online?

    Simply go the Casino Cruise website and click on the link to their live casino offering. From there you will be guided through joining any particular table that takes your interest. The user interface is incredibly easy to understand, we promise that you will not be left feeling confused about what is happening at any point during the game. Plus, if you really need help, you can always ask the dealer, who will give you any information that you need.

  • Real money Blackjack
    Is there a different deposit method for live online casino?

    There is no difference in deposit methods for the live casino environment. You can either deposit before you enter the live casino or you can make deposits directly through the live casino interface. Regardless of which way you choose to deposit money, all payment methods are the same and it is the exact same process, with all limits and rules set by the casino remaining the same.

Casino Cruise Blackjack Bonus

100% up to €200 after the first deposit

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