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Win a share of a 6000 $! Promotion of Mr Green

MrGreen is the cool, quirky and fun online casino that has something for everyone. That’s why we love it! But recently, MrGreen decided to get even cooler and introduced a new promotion. Win a share of a 6000 $! Promotion. The best part about this promotion is that you don’t need to be a high roller or have any previous experience with MrGreen to take part in it. Anyone can enter this competition and win big cash prizes! Read on to find out all about the MrGreen win a share of the 6000 $ Promotion, how you can take advantage of it and what you need to know if you want to join in.

What’s MrGreen Share of the 6000 $ Promotion?

If you’re looking to get ahead with your gaming, this promotion is right up your alley. You don’t have to be a high roller or experienced gambler in order to take part – all you need to do is enter the competition and have a chance of winning the grand prize of 6000! $
The promotion will run from now until the end of June and all you have to do is register an account on MrGreen and place at least one bet. Registering for a new account on any online live casino can be intimidating, but that’s where this article comes into play.

How to play this Promotion?

In order to take part in the MrGreen promotion, you need to deposit at least $20 before 11:59 PM (GMT). This will give you one entry into the promotion. You can enter as many times as you like, meaning that if you’ve got a few spare bucks and want to stand a chance at winning some cash prizes, then deposit away!
Once you’ve deposited your money, all you need to do is head over to the casino lobby and click on ‘Promotions’. There will be a chatbot waiting for you there with your unique promotional code. If anyone else has used your code before and won, it will show up in the chatbot conversation.

Things you should know about the promotion

There are three different ways to join in this Promotion. You can enter by playing any slot on MrGreen, taking part in the slots tournament or entering via a sweepstakes.
The minimum amount you need to bet on slots is just 0.50$, so make sure you take advantage of that! The most you can win from the promotion is 500$. It’s important to remember that the promotion runs to 29.06.2022 and there are 1000 prizes available for grabs.


The Share of the 6000 $ promotion on MrGreen is a great way to stand a chance to win 6000 $ and it’s easier than you think. Pick from casino games like slots, roulette or blackjack and try to reach the goal in a set time frame. It’s that simple! But remember, there are some things you should know before you play to increase your chances of winning.

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