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888 Live Casino Blackjack play for a daily share of £750 with the 888xtra Promo!

The 888Xtra promotion is winning gamblers’ heart as it rises to the top. This is an exciting and fascinating offer provided to the 888 Casino’s customers where everyone gets a chance to get an extra £750 daily. However, the promotion is available to customers participating in the Live Casino Blackjack tables. Actually, the promotion works with 12 bonus cards which are mixed are shuffled on the table.

How to win a daily share of £750
Customers participating in the promotion must play at the 888Xtra Blackjack table in the 888 Live Casino Private Room from 1 pm to 1 am (GMT). The participator wins the amount shown on the card after shuffling. A notification will be sent to the winner(s) within 72 hours. Upon receiving the winning message then the customer should claim the bonus through the notification in a period of 7 days or it will expire.
What is up for grabs
Twelve mixed bonus cards are shared amongst the 888Xtra table decks each day, these being:
  • £100 – x3
  • £75 – x3
  • £50 – x3
  • £25 – x3
How to withdraw the 888xtra bonus
There are a set of terms and conditions that must be followed and strictly adhered to in order for customers to get the bonus amount and the winnings obtained through the bonus. The customer participating in the promotion must place a 30 times wager on the bonus. In this regard, participator can only make the wager within 90 days lest it is considered null and void. If the customer meets up with the condition then withdrawals can be made after following the withdrawal policy.
Reasons for rejection or removal from the promotion
Customers can be removed from participating in the promotion when the operators of the website identify that accounts claiming the bonus are linked or associated. Both accounts will be removed from the promotion and will not be eligible for any future promotions or bonuses. Customers may be rejected or considered not eligible to participate in the promotion if they had previous manipulative or abusive behaviour in other promotions or bonuses. Players can only win the bonus cards 5 times a month as per the calendar month.
In Conclusion
For those free-spirited people looking for a gambling site, the 888 casino is a good try if at all they would like to feel at home. Gamblers, who are already loyal members of the casino, should definitely join this promotion. Since the promotion is only available to the Blackjack players and involves the participators to settle in the private room hence it promotes social interaction amongst the clients.

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