LeoVegas Bonus ♠️ New Promotions & Bonus Offers December 2022

In this LeoVegas casino review, we will discuss the LeoVegas Casino Bonus and other interesting features that are present on the platform. One of the bonuses offered is the free spins bonus offer. At LeoVegas, punters are offered 50 free spins after choosing the slot games that they prefer. Players are also offered a bonus for the first four deposits which can total up to 100€

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LeoVegas bonuses

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LeoVegas Casino Blackjack Bonus

Up to €100 and 50 free spins

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LeoVegas bonus information

  • Real money Blackjack
    LeoVegas bonus T&Cs

    Every new player who signs up at the LeoVegas Casino is eligible for a bonus immediately after the sign-up process is complete. A player can only qualify for the casino bonus after depositing a minimum of 10€. Every new player can deposit money through the numerous payment platforms offered within the site. Nevertheless, a new player is not eligible for the first four-player bonuses after depositing money through Skrill and Neteller. Additionally, new player bonuses are only issued for the first four deposits. If you are not interested in the bonuses offered by LeoVegas Casino, you can log into the site and select the option that allows you not to receive bonuses by default. When utilising your bonus, LeoVegas Casino first uses the Real Money then the Bonus Money comes into play afterwards. To withdraw any money gained from the bonuses, you should place a wager 35 times, and after winning, you will be able to withdraw any money you win through the bonuses offered. Finding blackjack games within LeoVegas lobby is also one of the enticing features of the LeoVegas Casino. After making a deposit, making a withdrawal disqualifies you from accessing the New Player Bonuses that were issued to your LeoVegas Casino account.

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    Do I need to use a code to get the LeoVegas bonus?

    If you are looking for the best online casino promotional offers, then you should sign up on LeoVegas Casino. As a new player, you should not forget to claim the bonuses offered at LeoVegas Casino. To access the bonus, you do not need to use a code, you just have to be a member of the online casino, and you can access the bonus depending on the amount you deposit into your account. Unlike other online casinos, LeoVegas Casino members are not tasked with providing a code to access the bonus that is issued for the first four deposits. For each of the deposit bonuses, you are not required to use any code. Furthermore, the bonuses are in terms of a deposit bonus, and your bonus will be determined by the amount of money you deposit into your LeoVegas Casino account.

  • Blackjack Rules
    Can I use the bonus on blackjack games?

    LeoVegas Casino offers games such as blackjack. After getting your bonus, you may place a wager on blackjack games. There are a variety of blackjack games available and you can place a wager on any one of them. Although you can place a wager on the blackjack games offered at the LeoVegas Casino, you are not allowed to use your entire bonus on minimal risk games. At LeoVegas Casino, a player has access to 15 blackjack offerings on the mobile version while the desktop version has 20 blackjack offerings. The LeoVegas Casino Live Blackjack Selection comprises of the Extreme and Evolution versions. Since LeoVegas Casino offers plenty of bonuses for their new members, it is possible for a punter to place a wager on the blackjack games using the bonus offerings although the weightings might be small. If you are a fan of blackjack games, then LeoVegas Casino is the place for you and you’ll get the ultimate online casino experience by utilizing the bonuses offered at LeoVegas.

LeoVegas bonus FAQs

  • Blackjack Bonus Present
    How do I get LeoVegas bonus?

    Although many people are only familiar with the welcome bonus, there are many more bonus offers at the LeoVegas Casino. The bonuses present at LeoVegas Casino are as follows: Free Money, Deposit Bonus, and Free Spins. These bonuses can be used to place wagers on blackjack games on the LeoVegas Online Casino site.

     Deposit Bonus 

    After depositing some money into your LeoVegas Casino account, you always claim the bonus depending on the percentage indicated as per the amount that you have deposited. The bonus reflects in your LeoVegas Casino account with immediate effect, and you can use it to place a wager. After placing more than 35 wagers blackjack games using the deposit bonus, you can withdraw your earnings. Whenever a player withdraws the money before converting the deposit bonus into cash, the bonus money is always depleted with immediate effect.

    Free Money Bonus

    The free money bonus entails the LeoVegas Casino depositing free money into your account. This bonus is offered to new members at the LeoVegas Casino. You can only withdraw the free money bonus after playing more than times on blackjack games and winning the wagers that you have placed.

  • Blackjack Without Registering
    Are there any wagering requirements before I can use my bonus?

    To receive a bonus at LeoVegas Casino, you need to deposit a minimum of . If you have been issued a free spin bonus, it will be valid for three days, and each bonus will require you to place a wager times before being able to withdraw your winnings. In this case, only bonus funds can be used in the wagers, and Real Money wagers will not be counted. If a client initiates a withdrawal before meeting the wagering requirements, they will lose the bonus amount that was present in their LeoVegas Casino account. The wagering requirements also state that a person cannot own more than one LeoVegas account and if caught, all the other accounts will be closed, and one will be left up and running. The bonuses issued to other accounts will also be forfeited. The maximum amount you can wager using the bonus amount is £5 for each bet, and if a player fails to adhere to these rules, their winnings may be forfeited. As a member of the LeoVegas casino, you are not supposed to engage in minimal risk wagering by wagering on games such as Roulette. If you engage in such, your bonus and adjacent winnings will be terminated.

  • Blackjack Rules
    What should I do if I have any questions related to the bonus?

    LeoVegas Casino offers its services to many countries worldwide. With such a big client base, LeoVegas Casino strives to ensure that all their clients are offered top-notch customer service, which is why the customer support at LeoVegas Casino offers its services on 24 hours basis 7 days in a week. If you have any questions that are related to the bonuses at LeoVegas Casino, feel free to reach out to the customer support through the live chat option or even a phone call. The live chat option offers you the chance to interact with a LeoVegas Casino customer support agent immediately, and you will be accorded the necessary assistance that you require regarding the bonus or any other query. You can also make an enquiry through the LeoVegas Casino support email or the LeoVegas Casino customer support number.

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    How much to deposit to get the maximum bonus?

    LeoVegas casino offers numerous bonuses to their members. For the first deposit, the maximum deposit that allows the client to get the maximum bonus is 100€. The LeoVegas Casino new members should also keep in mind the minimum deposit amount is 10€. The second deposit bonus requires LeoVegas Casino members to deposit a maximum of to access the maximum bonus. To get the maximum bonus on the third deposit, LeoVegas Casino members are required to deposit a maximum of . Finally, to get the maximum bonus on the fourth deposit, you should deposit a maximum of to be eligible to win the - match, which allows you to get a deposit bonus of . All the deposit bonuses at the LeoVegas Casino require you to deposit a maximum of .

LeoVegas Casino Blackjack Bonus

Up to €100 and 50 free spins

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100% up to 140€ for your first deposit

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100% up to 100€ for the first deposit

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121% up to $300 First deposit Bonus