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Live Dealers & More Reviewed April 2021

If you get to visit a casino, be it a brick and mortar establishment or online, there exist nine out of ten possibilities that your chosen casino offers blackjack. Gala Casino is no exception to this. With a growing online presence, this casino has invested heavily in live blackjack so as to enhance the thrill of the game and ultimately keep the customers flowing onto its live tables. This is reflected by its available blackjack variants, the stake limit range as well as it’s very professional live dealers. The affinity for quality has seen Gala Live Casino work with reputable organizations in the iGaming industry such as Playtech who provide the Live dealers making live blackjack an unforgettable experience.

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Gala Casino Live Blackjack was last reviewed by on the and received a rating of 7.8/10
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Gala Casino live casino Information

  • Vegas Downtown Blackjack
    Finding the best table

    The best table varies from individual to individual. It is dictated by factors such as the stakes limit, game variants and sometimes even the live dealer could play a part. The good thing is that at Gala Casino, you are able to see the live dealer’s picture and see whether they attract you or not. If you don’t feel them, you could always shop around and see some more and once you come across a face you like, click and play your game. Chances are you’ll enjoy the experience.

  • Are Blackjack Casinos Fair
    Minimum and maximum bets

    The question on what amount constitutes the maximum and minimum bet must run in the mind of any diligent gambler. The betting range plays a key role in either attracting or repelling the blackjack enthusiast visiting Gala Casino. However, it is highly unlikely for a player to be repelled by the betting range provided by this online casino. The betting range offered is favourable for any visitor to the casino. Once the choice of a live table is made, the dropdown list below the chosen table may be used in viewing the stake limits available. There are static stake limits for some tables while some are accommodating enough so as to offer a set of limits. Typically, the betting range for blackjack is between €0.50 and €20000. Essentially, the underlying principle is providing a chance for all players to enjoy the wonderful game of blackjack.

  • Live Dealer Blackjack
    VIPs and live online games

    The VIPs of any casino are the high rollers. These are the guys who have no trouble betting huge sums of cash per game. The live casino provides exclusive live tables for VIPs. These tables have high stakes limits. Some of the VIP live blackjack tables are; Privée BlackJack 1 and 4 whose stake limit is £10 – £ 10000, Privée BlackJack 2, 3 and 5, all with a stake limit of £20 – £20000, Blackjack VIP Lounge 1 with a betting limit of £25 – £10000 and Soirée Elite 200 with a stake limit of up to £2500

  • Blackjack Casinos Safety
    Safety and security

    The integrity of Gala Casino has never been brought in to question at any time. As a matter of fact, the Gala Casino is an establishment surrounded by an aura of positivity. With regard to matters of safety and security, players can be confident with this casino for a number of reasons. First, this is a reputable licensed casino with an express authority issued by two of Europe’s most premier gambling regulators. These are the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar government. The authorities in these jurisdictions place a strict security requirement which the casino has been able to adhere to and as such kept at bay any security threats. The casino uses state of the art encryption technologies such as the 128-bit SSL technology to ensure that its information, as well as that of its clients and their funds, are safe and secure from falling on the wrong hands.

  • Best Blackjack Bonuses
    Live blackjack tournaments

    Live blackjack tournaments present a wonderful opportunity for the blackjack enthusiasts to strike gold! Once armed with a working strategy, it is possible to beat the dealers hand and walk away with insane amounts of cash. At the Gala Casino, these are carried on from time to time and information is usually supplied on the casino’s website. The entry qualifications for each tournament may vary since the casino reserves the right to do so. It is thus advisable to keep consulting the casino’s website for up to date information on such tournaments.

Gala Casino live casino FAQs

  • Blackjack Charts And Tables
    How is the live casino experience at Gala Casino?

    The Gala live casino doesn’t have to try hard to impress as it’s already impressive by itself. To make it even more interesting, the casino uses software provided by one of the global leading iGaming software providers; Playtech. Playtech also provides the live dealers against whom the blackjack enthusiasts may play. Once on the live table, you will notice that everything you want is within reach and you need not to search numerous layers of pages to obtain something. The best part, however, is the interaction between the player and the live dealer. Wouldn’t it be boring to just play with someone on video without even getting a chance to chat with them? Honestly, it would be such a flat experience. However, at Gala Casino, the live dealer and the player can chat via the chat window which is found beside the screen. It enhances the experience by making it fun and interesting. It is also a great way to truly know the level of professionalism of the casino’s live dealers. The bottom line is that Gala Live Casino offers one of the best experiences in the iGambling market. However, since experience is the best teacher, players should give it a shot and see.

  • Blackjack Variants
    Which games may I play live?

    The Gala Casino has an appreciable number of blackjack variants which can be played in the live casino. These blackjack variants include; Privée Blackjack 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, Blackjack VIP Lounge 1, Grand Blackjack, Royal Blackjack 1, 2 and 3, Soirée Elite 100, Blackjack Lounge 1 to 6, Soirée Elite 200, Alexandrite Blackjack, Sapphire Room Coral Blackjack, Soirée Blackjack and Soho Blackjack 1 and 2.

  • Blackjack Bonus Present
    Are there any live games which may be played for free?

    Unfortunately, no live blackjack games may be played for free at Gala Casino. The casino lacks demo plays as well. On one side, this could be viewed as a shortcoming of the casino in the sense that other competitors offering free live games or demo plays may attract more customers. On the flip side, this could also be viewed as a means of filtering serious customers from mere jokers. The fact that one may only play for real cash means that only the punters whose minds are made up will engage the casino and play on the live blackjack tables.

  • Blackjack Rules
    Can the casino cheat during live play?

    Well, genuine casinos don’t cheat during live play or any play for that matter. To be more specific, Gala Casino is a trustworthy iGambling establishment which frowns upon any fraud; be it by players or its own employees. A visitor to this casino should feel confident about this establishment as it follows the stringent rules and regulations set by the Licensing authorities in both jurisdictions. So far, there have been no reports or complaints about the casino cheating during live games such as blackjack. In any event, if such a case comes to light, there are appropriate channels set in place to address such matters. Gala Casino is a member of The Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) which is an ADR body duly authorised by the Gambling Commission to address disputes emanating from gambling.

  • Blackjack Without Registering
    How do I play a live game online?

    There are few steps to be followed, nothing sophisticated though. The point of genesis at least for those who don’t hold an account is registered. Here, the player can earn the much-desired blackjack casino bonuses. It’s also a fairly simple process which launches the homepage once completed. The layout enables one to easily spot the live casino tab on the homepage. This is where one should click. Once clicked, there appear several tabs one of which is the live blackjack tab. Clicking on this tab will display the live blackjack variants available together with their betting range. Employing your skills and strategies such as card counting could just enable you to beat the dealer’s hand.

  • Real money Blackjack
    Is there a different deposit method for live online casino?

    The swiftness of making a deposit is an added advantage to every casino. This is something which Gala Casino has given paramount importance. There are various ways available through which the players may deposit funds. For the live casino, however, there are no unique means of making a deposit specifically dedicated to it. The live casino uses the same means as the rest of the casino.

Gala casino Blackjack Bonus

Deposit and stake £20 to get 50 Free Spins Welcome Bonus

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